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Why Should I Get an Extended Warranty on a Used Car?

Why Get Used Car Extended Warranty

No matter how well a vehicle is manufactured, it will eventually break down. An auto breakdown can be a traumatizing experience. Oftentimes it leaves you stranded, without a car for days, and stuck paying thousands in auto repair bills.

An extended auto warranty will take care of all of these problems for you. If the car part is covered in your vehicle service contract, the bill will be paid for. You also receive roadside assistance and reimbursement for rental cars.

Used cars are particularly vulnerable to auto breakdowns. Used Car buyers are often left paying thousands in auto repairs for the recklessness of the car’s previous owner, and by the time the car is sold the manufacturer’s warranty has often long expired. An extended auto warranty will keep you protected from paying for breakdowns you didn’t cause.

Used Cars are an ideal vehicle to put an extended warranty on. You are certainly much closer to a breakdown than a new car would be, and while the car may look good, it is difficult to know how what is going on under the hood. Our top 2 reasons to buy a used car:

2 Reasons to Get an Extended Warranty on a Used Car:

  1. Can save you thousands and repair bills- many of the most common car parts to breakdown, such as an engine or transmission, can cost several thousand to replace.
  2. More than just paying repair bills- with an extended warranty, you will get 24/7 roadside service, free towing, reimbursements for rental cars and lodging, and more


Don’t wait until it’s too late and your car is already broken down, request a free quote today and get the peace of mind you deserve!