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Six Steps to Filing a Claim

Filing a claim with Titan Auto Protect is very easy. The first step is simply to contact us by either calling our claims department or initiating a claim online. The procedure for claim filing is outlined in your policy but we have summarized it here as well. Please follow these 6 simple steps to file a claim.

  • STEP 1 - Take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility

  • STEP 2 - Have the repair facility properly diagnose your vehicle

  • Step 3 - Ask the repair facility to call us after the diagnostic is complete

  • Step 4 - Contact us to authorize the work to be done that is covered under your policy

  • Step 5 - When the work is complete, the repair facility will send us a finished repair order

  • Step 6 - We receive the finished repair order, call the repair facility and pay for the authorized repairs