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Does an Extended Auto Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions & Repairs?

Extended Auto Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

First and foremost, what exactly is a pre-existing condition? A pre-existing automobile condition refers to a current issue or essential repair that requires action for the safe operation of a vehicle BEFORE that vehicle is covered by an auto warranty. An example of this would be if a driver’s vehicle needed spark plug replacements, but that driver had yet to purchase coverage for said vehicle.

Question: Will an extended auto warranty cover pre-existing conditions and repairs?

The short answer is no, extended coverage companies do not cover pre-existing issues because it would cost them a fortune to do so. If they did offer coverage of these issues, it could easily be taken advantage of by drivers whom look only to obtain coverage to fix their vehicle, and then cancel it quickly afterwards.

What should a driver do before purchasing an extended auto warranty?

Before any driver begins the search for an extended auto warranty, they should first ensure that their vehicle is in proper functioning condition. While it isn’t required for a driver to have their vehicle thoroughly inspected, doing so is recommended. As we’ve said, this is because the coverage included in an extended warranty will not include existing issues with the vehicle.

However, although a vehicle may indeed have a pre-existing automotive issue, this does not always mean it won’t qualify for coverage. While that component may not receive coverage, the rest of the parts will be, and that will serve to save you money over time.

If you would like more information about extended auto warranties, please do not hesitate to call us today! We are always ready to work with you and determine the proper level of coverage at a competitive price.