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Is Buying an Extended Warranty for Used Cars Worth It?

Extended Warranty Used Cars

New vehicles are covered through a warranty provided by the manufacturer, who agrees to pay for any repairs under this warranty. However, once this warranty expires (usually around 3 years/36k miles), drivers need to purchase an “extended warranty”. These extended auto warranties are an excellent choice for any driver, as any vehicle is liable to have issues.

Who can purchase an extended warranty for a used car?

While extended auto warranties can be purchased for vehicles which have an expired manufacturer’s warranty, they can also be purchased to cover cars that were bought as a used vehicle to begin with. These type of coverage offerings are often called “vehicle service contracts” (VSC), and generally function very similarly to warranties. That means that essentially everyone on the road that wants to protect their automobile investment can purchase a policy to cover their car and save money on repairs!

Are extended warranties for used cars actually worth it?

If a driver wants to protect their vehicle, and save themselves money while doing so, the answer is a resounding yes. Extended warranties for used cars don’t just save money for drivers in the long run either. Policies often include additional benefits! This includes complimentary towing, roadside assistance, and some even offer rental car services. This is very beneficial because when your vehicle needs to visit a repair facility, you won’t have to pay any extra dollars trying to find a way to get around.

While many types of insurance or coverage offerings can be expensive, extended warranties are much more affordable than drivers may have been lead to believe. With many different providers and policy plans, drivers are sure to find an option that will work for them!