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What Auto Repairs Are Covered By Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

What Repairs Will Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cover?

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, or MBI for short, can vary based on the level of coverage you have chosen or qualified for. Not unlike certain Auto Insurance programs, where you select how much coverage you want for your vehicle, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can be customized to fit your needs.

Let’s start with what Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is. It is not very different from a vehicle service contract (VSC). When a covered car part breaks down, a MBI will pay for the repair just like a VSC would. MBI’s come with various levels of coverage, and cover the same parts that a VSC would.

So what MBI plans are available to you? It depends on what you qualify for. Usually, lower mileage, vehicle service history and several other factors play into what coverage your car can qualify for. Here are the most popular types of VSC coverage levels, and what they cover:

Exclusionary: Commonly referred to as ”bumper-to-bumper” coverage, this is the highest level of coverage you can qualify for. It covers all car parts except what is specifically outlined in the contract, which are usually wear and tear items. This is highest recommended coverage and most popular amongst those who qualify.

Stated Component: This is the second highest level of coverage and can vary depending on your plan. It works the opposite way of exclusionary coverage, in that it covers the car parts that are specifically stated. It will usually cover the major components of a car such as the engine or transmission, electrical items and other necessary components.

Power Train: This level of coverage usually works similarly to the stated component level of coverage, but it covers what is referred to as the drive train of a car, which connects the transmission to the drive axels. Usual covered parts include the engine, transmission, and drive axel. These are usually the most expensive components of the motor vehicle to repair.

Wrap: When your powertrain is still covered by the manufacturer, the wrap coverage will cover the rest of your car parts, which will give you coverage equal to the exclusionary plan.

As you can see, coverages can vary by plans. Make sure you fully understand what is and isn’t covered before you buy your Mechanical Breakdown Insurance or Vehicle Service Contract. Contact us today to speak with one of our coverage specialists about a plan for you.