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Extended Vehicle Warranty- When is the Best Time to Buy?

Best Time to Buy Extended Vehicle Warranty

Best Time to Buy Extended Vehicle Warranty

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, consider buying your extended auto warranty as soon as you can. In most circumstances, buying your extended auto warranty as early as possible will save you money as well as decrease your vulnerability to an uncovered breakdown.

It is human tendency to think that, although breakdowns happen to other people, it won’t happen to us. Although it is convenient to think that a breakdown will only happen after you buy your extended auto warranty, truth is that breakdowns happen at the most inconvenient of times. Buying your extended auto warranty before your manufacture’s warranty ends or as soon as you buy your new or used vehicle is the only way to ensure you are not vulnerable to a costly repair bill.

Not only will you be completely protected by buying now and not waiting, it will probably end up saving you money too. This is because the longer you wait and the more you continue to wear down your car, the higher risk you are at of a breakdown. Therefore, the price of your vehicle service contract will reflect this higher risk.

Truth be told, you can never buy your extended auto warranty early enough. Even when you buy a new car, you will be offered an extended auto warranty. Although you should be careful of dealer service plans, some of them should be avoided.

Why You Should Get an Extended Vehicle Warranty Sooner Rather Than Later:

Save Money– the longer you wait, the higher risk you are of having a breakdown. Everyday you drive your car, you get closer to a breakdown. Get covered before you rack up miles on your car and you can drive comfortably not only knowing that you are covered in case of a breakdown, but you got coverage at the best price possible!

Less Exposure to a Breakdown– anyone who’s ever had a breakdown can tell you that you come unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient times. Any lapse in coverage between your manufacturer’s warranty and your extend warranty can leave you vulnerable to a costly repair bill paid out of your own pocket.

Better Coverage- Not all vehicles qualify for the highest levels of coverage. Similar to how buying early saves you money, if you buy while you are still under your manufacturer’s warranty, you will qualify for the highest level of coverage. As your car continues to gain years and miles, it may not qualify for the highest levels of coverages which cover important car parts.

So, to re-iterate, buying as soon as possible will give you the highest level of coverage at the lowest price. Don’t leave yourself exposed to a breakdown if you don’t have to. Call us today to get a quote for your own personalized vehicle service contract.